Device as a Service (DaaS) explained

Until recently most companies purchased a computer and then got their IT department to configure it and ship it to the person who needed it. This could take several days and generally cost a few hundred dollars. 

When you buy the Microsoft Surface laptop, we can automatically configure it with all the apps you need, in a under an hour without ever having to touch it. What this means in practise is that your people are more productive, more secure and able to get up and running much, much faster. 

As it's "as a service" you pay a flat monthly fee which includes the laptop, the operating system and Microsoft office with all the wrap around security. 

So you get to reduce risk and lower costs!

We also have a 48 Hour replacement service so if the laptop is lost or stolen, we can get you up and running in short order.

Productive employees

Employees can collaborate from anywhere using the most up-to-date devices and software

Lead the market

Using the latest hardware and software, provides employees with the tools to become more agile and more responsive. Batteries several hours, so you can be online whenever you need to be.

Efficient resources

IT costs are reduced and employees can focus on core activities, not IT support.

Enhanced IT security

Sensitive data is protected at all times using the latest Microsoft security services.

Faster deployment

Zero-touch deployment using Autopilot and Endpoint Manager means devices can be configured and deployed with minimal effort.

Predictable costs

Costs are based on a monthly subscription, with a fixed fee which reduces upfront investment and increases cash flow.