Actionstep is the automation you need to run an efficient, productive law practice.


With Actionstep you can create a workflows for each matter type, automate each step to collect information, assign tasks, and make sure everything is checked off before moving to the next step.

Delegate work to your staff with the assurance that everything will be done according to plan.


Reduce manual paperwork

Digitize manual and repetitive paper-based forms

Make repetitive tasks easy

Automate everyday business processes with Actionstep

Get the experts in...

While Actionstep is able to be setup and configured in-house, we highly recommend the use of one of our Certified Consultants.

Our consultants are highly experienced in legal practice management. By utilizing their knowledge and skills, you will be able to implement Actionstep, learn how to take full advantage of it’s amazing functionality, and improve your existing processes to save time in the future and improve your bottom-line.

You’ll also get the benefit of not losing out on billable time, giving you the ability to focus on your client’s needs.

Where will my data be stored?
Your data is stored securely online. You can choose to have your data hosted in the USA, Singapore, EU or Australia.

How secure is Actionstep?
Actionstep takes data security very seriously and follows generally accepted best practices to ensure that your data is backed-up and protected against unauthorized access.

For more information on our security, click here.

Can I get a backup of my data?
Yes, you can request a backup of your data and documents at any time. You can download your documents in their original formats (e.g. docx, pdf), and all other data will be available as spreadsheet files (CSV).

Can I import data from my existing system?
Yes, we routinely import data from a wide variety of existing systems. Generally speaking, if you can export your data to spreadsheet/CSV files then it can be imported into Actionstep. We also have some automated utilities for importing data from common systems.

Does it run on a Mac?
Yes, Actionstep is 100% cloud-based so it runs on any computer with Internet access and a modern browser.

What about tablets and smartphones?
If your device has Internet access then you can connect to Actionstep using your device’s Internet browser. An iPhone/Android app is also available to download. This app allows you to view contacts, matter information and save Actionstep contacts to your phone. Calendars can sync with any device supported by Google or Microsoft Exchange.

Do I still need a server?
No, once you have moved over to Actionstep there should be no need for you to run a local server.

What happens if I want to leave Actionstep?
No problem, just let us know one month in advance, and request a backup of your data.

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Actionstep is a cloud-based practice management system developed and marketed by Actionstep here in NZ.